Cycle Three


Director: Julius Telmer
Producer: Sweta Rai
Cinematographer: Caleb Heller
Editor: Beau Cardall


IMG_0905 IMG_0921 IMG_0919  IMG_0911

Film can be seen here:

Password: BrokenChair


cycle two

IMG_0538 1

Director – Malcolm Washington
Producer – Joenique Rose
Cinematographer – Caleb Heller
Editor – Rafael Nur
Production Designer – Alejandro Berron

We filmed in the same liquor store from Boyz n the Hood soooooo… Not trying to brag but squad is clearly Ice Cube approved.

IMG_0545 1

IMG_0546 1

IMG_0576 1

IMG_0588 1 IMG_0563


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IMG_0590 1

Film can be seen here:

Password: GOODKIDD

the new year

I don’t know if anyone still reads this, is subscribed to it, whatever – I thought I’d give this thing another shot. Stay in touch. That whole thing.

First week back at school –

le passe

Screening of ‘The Past’ with Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, with a Q&A afterwards. An incredibly interesting man, he’s running a masterclass for the AFI directors at the moment which I would love to audit but am just a lowly screenwriter so am unable.

We had a megasession yesterday, where the writers are split into two groups and from 9-5 we sit in a room with the three feature writing mentors, and discuss the screenplays we plan on writing this year. It was ok, you know. I don’t really know what to tell you people so if you have questions just ask me I suppose. The screenplay I’m writing is untitled, but it stars me and Common. We go on the run and kill a bunch of people, mainly Johnny AK, my arch-nemesis from Las Vegas. So that’s going to be great.

I guess what I’ll do now is update stuff from last year that I said I was going to do and never did.

“When I was 21, I left my hometown and moved to Hollywood to try and make it in showbiz. My exit off of the 101 was Sunset Boulevard. I shot my first film in Compton.”

No matter what happens from here on out, I’ll always be able to say the above to my kids. There’s something pretty satisfying about that.

I’m on a hot set on the last day of shooting my Cycle One short. Photos, stills and stories are coming soon.